Pull Out Shelving among 2016’s Hottest Storage Trends

Pull out shelving provides space-saving kitchen organization.Kitchen Storage: 2016’s Hottest Trends

An efficient and organized kitchen is a beautiful kitchen that you’ll be proud to show off. Here’s the scoop on what you can do to make the most of your space.

Are you jealous of all the creative storage showcased on popular design shows?

You don’t have to spend thousands on design experts in order to show off top grade design, organization, and storage.

We’re sharing everything you need to know here. Let’s get into the hottest 2016 kitchen storage trends:

Pull Out Shelving

It’s nice to have large cabinet space – until you have to reach far back to that hard-to-reach item stuck behind everything else.

Combined with the frustration of not being able to see what you’ve got stored, many find themselves simply chucking things into the back of the cabinet – definitely not ideal organization practice!

Luckily, there are custom pull-out shelving options that solve this problem. Roll out pantry shelves rescue your cabinet space, offering you a full view and easy access to your kitchen pots and pans.

Pull out shelving provides kitchen lovers with an alternative to the standard shelving, allowing them to easily stack items and maximize their shelf space.


Another great idea is to increase your verticle storage by placing an old bookshelf on your countertop.

Bookshelves offer additional storage with minimum impact on your overall counter space.

Storing colorful items also add variety to your kitchen design, giving it more life.

Refurbished bookshelves are a cheap alternative while providing character to your space.

Walls are also fair game when it comes to bookshelf storage.

If you don’t have the counter space, then hanging a lighter weight bookshelf on your wall will boost your overall storage space leaving your counters free and clear.

Island Multipurpose

Kitchen islands are a beautiful thing for kitchen organization. They offer additional surface space and extra storage. Depending on how your island is designed, one can do many things.

If you love to cook, then building a shelving space on the back side of the island is perfect for creating a unique bookshelf to house all your favorite recipes.

Open islands also offer extra storage and are perfect for a hanging pots and pans rack under the counter space.

Traditional organizational practices are still all the rage with kitchen islands, offering a quick and easy bar stool sitting area to maximize your dining expierence.

Smart Kitchens

Everything is smart nowadays, including your kitchen! But we’re not talking about the high tech refrigerator. Instead, we’re talking about how to design your space in a smart way.

Designating a “media” docking drawer has become popular in recent days, giving one the ability to both charge and store their media devices such as laptops, smartphones, and notepads.

The wonderful thing about a docking drawer is that you can use any wide drawer in your kitchen, transforming it into a high-tech storage space, hiding any unwanted clutter and unruly power chords.

Corner Caddy

The classic corner shelf offers a wonderful amount of space. Too bad it’s not functional.

If you have a corner cabinet, then investing in a Lazy Susan is the perfect way to maximize your space, make your items easy to reach and keep organized.

Lazy Susans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you the chance to maximize your storage and decide how you want to use the space.

Cookie Sheet Dividers

Cookie sheets are a staple in most kitchens. That’s why so many struggle with the proper storage of these oversized and often mismatched items.

Installing a cookie sheet divider system is perfect to keep your sheets separated by design and size.

Location is also another factor when it comes to your cookie sheet storage. How about the cabinet space above the stove or refrigerator?

Spice Racks

As the saying goes, “variety is the spice of life,” and if you have a kitchen, chances are you have a rack of spices.

Spices can take up a huge amount of space in your kitchen, due to the massive variety of choices available.

Why not maximize your cabinet space by installing a rear cabinet door spice rack?

Cabinet door spice racks are a great way to have quick access to your favorite flavors without taking up major real estate on your counter tops.

Bar Storage

Everyone knows that a great way to store your pots and pans is to hang them from the ceiling, but what about taking that idea and bringing it down to the wall?

Installing bars along your kitchen walls offer hanging space to store utensils, coffee cups, accessories other frequently used items in your home.

Stacking various bar lengths can also add a visual appeal to the design, giving it more interest than just a simple storage space.

Wall Storage

While we’re on the topic, why not also consider building a wall spice rack? Wall racks are perfect for saving space since your walls make up a huge part of your kitchen.

Popular designs include using an old wooden coke bottle crate mounted to the wall.

If you are looking for something more modern, then why not pick up a stainless steel wall mounted spice rack to compliment your appliances?

Slat wall mounts are also trending in the market, giving texture to the space, while offering a variety of storage options.

Slat wall mount materials can be anything from old barn wood, refurbished door pieces, simple metal sheet designs and more.

Having an organized kitchen makes life easy. Knowing how to maximize your kitchen space makes you a genius.

Kitchen Storage Made Awesome

There you have it – 2016’s hottest kitchen storage trends including pull out shelving. With so many fab ideas out on the market to make the most of your kitchen organization, how are you going to transform yours?

Because, really, the question is not whether you need to renovate your kitchen for optimum storage. The question is how.

Standard design offers limited storage and organization, but with a little creative ingenuity, inspiration and guidance, one can transform their kitchen into a beautifully designed and functional space.

How will you transform your kitchen? 

Need more help designing your pull out shelving, or kitchen storage ideas from us? Let us know. And don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re here for you.