Free Printable Fridge Labels

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Free Printable Fridge Labels

Great ideas to help you organize the fridge and free printable fridge labels. Love this!

Hello friends!  I feel like it has been forever since I’ve done a post but I’m happy to be back.  Apparently writing a book is not as easy as I thought it would be, and {once again!} I way underestimated how long everything would take me.  You’d really think I would have learned by now…

Anyways, I was doing a little re-organizing of our fridge over the weekend and decided that the labels that I made a few years ago  were getting a little dingy {you can see the previous ones here}.  I’m actually surprised how well they have held up with all of the cleaning over the years, but they had a few nicks out of them and needed a refresh.

I created the new labels in Picmonkey and then printed them off on a laser printer onto some clear Silhouette sticker paper.  The printables are all available for you at the end of the post but if you would like to create additional ones, the font is one of my favorites – Hello Sunshine.

I find that the best way for us to keep our fridge organized on a long-term basis is to use bins for specific food categories. It makes it so much easier to find what we’re looking for and it avoids those “lost items” that always seem to get trapped in the back of the fridge for months.  The lazy susan also works really well especially for round containers like sour cream, yogurt, dips, etc. I’ve had most of the bins for quite a while now but every now and then I add to the collection.

I use these stackable bins for our sandwich cheese and lunch meat so the kids can easily find what they need to make their own sandwiches. It also keeps any messes that they make {like drippings from the lunch meat!} contained to one spot so it’s easy to clean up.  My hubby’s a vegetarian so we try to keep the meat separated from everything else as much as possible.

I’ve had emails in the past asking about whether or not the bins were worth the space that they take up and I definitely think so!  In reality, they probably don’t even take up that much more space because everything is so neatly contained in them that they take up less space.  Our large middle shelf is always free for extra food items and left over food storage.  It will actually fit 8 of those stackable food storage containers so we really don’t need much more space than that.  If you do find that you’re still short on space, remember to condense your food packaging and food items as much as possible – it really can make a huge difference!

For those of you that would like your own fridge labels just click on the links below.  NOTE: While these can work on ink jet printer, the ink may run if it gets wet.  A laser jet printer is recommended – you can always run it down to have it printed at Staples or another printing store if you don’t have one.


You can also find more information on how to clean your fridge HERE and additional organization tips for the fridge and freezer HERE.

Happy Organizing!

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